Take this job and … LOVE it!

I bought a Mega-Millions lottery ticket yesterday.  Why?  Well, on the faint hope that God would finally decide to grant my prayer to be a stay-at-home Mom and a full-time writer.  I mean, I’m thankful for my job and all, but is it where God really wants me?

It’s not like I want to be lazy and lay around the house all day.  I want to write for and about God.  You know, Christian fiction, and also Christian devotionals and articles for my blog.  I mean, surely I would be reaching a lot more people for God if I could write full-time.  Right?

However, left to my own devices my tendency is to be reclusive.  Obviously, I would still go to church, because I love my church family and also because it gives me great joy to use the musical talent God has given me and to give it back to God in worship and praise.

But in reality, the day-to-day interaction that we have with others is also a gift that we can give back to God, and let’s face it, for most of us the majority of our human interactions take place at our workplace.  I’m not saying we have to evangelize our co-workers all day long.  That would probably get most of us fired!  But we can always be salt and light; we can always “love others as ourselves’; and we can always display the fruits of the Spirit.

Whether we’re in top-tier or mid-level leadership or supervisory positions, or in subordinate, service-type positions, it is always possible to carry out our duties in a manner that shows God’s love to others.  After all, that’s why God left us here on this earth rather than taking us straight on home to heaven – because our job on this fallen earth is to display God’s light and love to others.

Just as children learn by watching and emulating what their parents do (not what they say), so also the world learns about God and His great love for them by watching what Christians do and how they act.  And if we’re not out there interacting with the world; what do they have to watch?

So, yeah, I didn’t win the Mega-Millions, but that’s okay.  God always has and always will provide, and while I will continue to dream of a full-time writing career I am confident that at the present I’m right where God wants me to be, and so my future dreams rest easily alongside my present contentment.


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