The Sky-Spa, 2023 (Daily Prompt)

Hi, my name’s Savannah and this post comes to you from ten years in the future, from the wonderful Sky-Spa Resort & Conference Center!!!  Yes, that’s right!  I’m officially a space tourist, on an all-expense-paid, one-week holiday in low-earth orbit, courtesy of my publisher.  Can you believe it?

I’m here to attend the Unity! writing conference, and there are attendees from all the Lunar colonies, and some from the Mars colony as well.  I even heard a rumor that E. A. Withemore might come out of exclusion to give a presentation.  Wouldn’t that be a historic event!  So anyway, I have to attend a minimum of two workshops and two presentations while I’m here, and the rest of the time is mine; but I honestly don’t even know why they put minimum requirements in place.  I’m more worried about fitting in all the ones I want to attend and hoping schedules don’t overlap too badly.

Everything here is so surreal and beautiful; the Earth looks so fragile down below, and I get to see the sun rise every 45 minutes as we orbit.  Ten years ago when I started this blog I’d never have dreamed that space tourism would really take off.  But many things about the year 2023 are vastly different than what most of us imagined back in 2013.  With the construction of the space elevators, and the invention (finally!) of reusable launch rockets for ground-based departures, everything got so cheap that humanity didn’t hesitate to migrate off-planet.  And who could have predicted the dramatic lessening of tensions, the reduction of poverty, and all the other benefits that we gained once a whole new frontier opened up?  Of course, we’ll run out of space again and be back in the same boat (war, disease, poverty, strife) eventually, until once again technology catches up and we’re able to leave the solar system.  But for now, life is good.

So, I’m also supposed to get a rejuvenation treatment while I’m here.  Apparently, my publisher is worried about my marketability now that I’m showing gray hairs and wrinkles; something about sales being down because the public doesn’t like being reminded of their own mortality when they see my aging picture on the book jacket.  I’ve had a few rejuves before, but I don’t like them.  It’s not that I object to looking young, it’s just that it’s all so superficial.  I mean, even though people look young until they die, they still die.  And besides, it’s just weird to see someone who looks like they’re 25 years old struggling to make it up a ladder or through a hatch because, in reality, their body is really 80 years old.

I’ve skipped my last two annual rejuves, and my body has caught up quickly.  I suppose it is a shock for those that haven’t seen me in awhile, but I’m still me.  I’m afraid that if I don’t get the rejuve, my publisher will drop me.  But I’m also wondering if maybe we’re missing out on something with all our efforts to stave off aging.  There’s a certain perspective that can only be gained from experience, and aging is part of the experience.   I mean, if we keep a flower perpetually in bloom, it looks beautiful, sure, but it never produces fruit or seed.  I think we need fruit and seed as much as we need the bloom.

Anyway, I’m not going to worry about it for now.  I’m just going to enjoy this wonderful holiday, and enjoy the conference, and I’ll let you know later whether I got the rejuve or not.


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